Anime #03: Attack on Titan

H previously shrugged it off, after reading an off-hand review which described it inaccurately as "like   Naruto".
I have to admit, despite of hearing of it before, my interest was piqued only after watching the live-action trailer 

which lead me to checking out the anime ( available on crunchy roll!)

And it is good.
H summarised his excitement after episode 9 with his quote, "Guess who isn't sleeping tonight!"

It's now on my list of "Epic Anime" (just a personal list, I realised that I have to write/blog them down nowadays as I am slowly losing count of what we've watched over the years) but don't worry, it's not on the top, Kill la Kill is still my personal favourite. 


London #21: Bao London

 After reading so many rave reviews about Bao London, we decided to check it out.
We enjoyed the starters, named "xiao chi" (little bites) especially the pig blood cake more than the baos actually. 
The baos did have an interesting fusion twist, but the best one was still the traditional Kong Bak Pao.

It's nice to see Taiwanese food treading in London and I'm glad we checked it out once but not sure if we will ever go back for more. 


Read #01: Five Children on the Western Front

It's great when you get an opportunity to get a book. But even better when the book turns out to be a complete page-turner. 
If I had a book of the year list, this would be on it. 

Guardian has a short extract if you are interested! 


Scotland #49: Summer

Summer of 2015 - pretty much non-existent in Scotland, LOL 
Here is a short fleeting moment of it.



She is of the Christian women that I look up to, a women of faith, family and intelligence.
Her talk about "Can I believe in a God who does not answer my prayers?" helped me with coming to terms with some issues which I spent the last 2 years struggling with. 

"Heels, clothes that are extremely delicate or uncomfortable, high maintenance hair styles—all of that might be beautiful, but how many of us can wear those things in our everyday lives?"
Also, loved the sentiment and evolution of style discussed in Garance's Women at Work.



Tokyo #28: Anime dedications

Some of the prettiest and cutest temple dedications I've seen 

Tokyo #27: USApyon

Met USApyon of Yo-Kai Watch, haha!
Turns out he is a otter, not a rabbit! 

Tokyo #26: Kanda Myojin Shrine


Drink #01: Matcha latte

Marking the start of exam revision with caffeine! 


Cook #03: Chocolate Porridge

My best discovery of 2014... Chocolate Porridge! 

I used to think of porridge as very bland and not versatile but thanks to Jamie
all that is now in the past. Hello Chocolate porridge, my guilt-free winter morning indulgence!

P.S Milo works well too! 


Bake #12: Profiteroles

Christmas Baking: Profiteroles filled with pistachio cream!

We used the recipe courtesy of BBC Food and are glad to report back that the profiteroles were very well received at parties! 


London #20: Flowers of Liberty

Loved this paper installation at Liberty.