London #21: Hokusai beyond the Great Wave @ the British Museum

It was such a privilege to see Hokusai's The Great Wave or Under the Wave off Kanagawa (Kanagawa oki nami ura) 
in person at the British Museum

Photograph: Metropolitan Museum of Art

Also, it was  great to learn about his less iconic works. 
One of my new favourites is Red Shōki, the Demon Queller which was such a dynamic painting to view in person.  

Photograph: Metropolitan Museum of Art

I love the fact that it was the painting that made Hokusai confident that he could earn his living as an artist. And it even makes an appearance in another of his works, see if you can spot it!

Boys’ Festival,’ ink and color on old Dutch paper, 1824-1826. National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden.


Nom #01: Emily Fruit Crisps

H brought these Pineapple crisps home as a gift. 
I wasn't expecting much but they were surprisingly moreish, crunchy and not too sweet. 
Also, I love the packaging, tropical and fun! Will have to track down more of the Emily Fruit Crisps range now, the crunchy apple award-winning one is next on my eat list.


Greater Manchester Walking Festival 2017

We took part in the Alexandra Park and Park Bridge Circular in the Greater Manchester Walking Festival 2017.

Despite the weather forecast of early afternoon rain, the sunny weather held up for longer than expected and there were certainly some spots of unexpected natural beauty!


Watch #07: Miss Hokusai

A beautiful character-driven anime movie but not much of a plot. 

Genre: Anime movie


Watch #06: Silver Spoon

I stumbled upon the OST of Silver Spoon or "Gin no Saji" first before checking out the anime series. Yes, it is totally fictional and does slightly romanticise the farm life. Yet, the characters are engaging and the farming theme does make some interesting learning. 

Genre: Slice-of-life
Watch on Crunchyroll 

Watch #05: The Red Turtle

I don't think I watched another film as minimal as The Red Turtle.
The animation, the storyline, the characters and speech are all minimal.

Almost an animated documentary than a typical Studio Ghilbi yet still visually stunning and reflective of life itself. 

The trailer gives away too much of the storyline so instead, read more about it here by the Guardian and the Telegraph.

Genre: Animation movie


Watch #04: Ore Monogatari!

Ridiculously heartwarming!
It's nice to have an anime series where the couple actually does get together
 and reminds you of what it feels like to fall in love, *gush*!
My favourite romantic-comedy anime of 2015. 


Watch #03: Flying Colors (ビリギャル)

Flying Colors is not a sad movie but I found myself sniffling back tears while watching it. I could draw many parallels with the Sayaka's struggles and those secondary school days where parental pressure, tuition you attend to please the parents and the immense pressure cooker style of the Asian education system with their intense emphasis on exam results brought back bittersweet nostalgia. 
But the saving grace is both the immeasureable joy of friends and especially teachers who believe in you and with that faith, change your life. 


Watch #02: Song of the Sea

I was really excited to see Song of the Sea appear on the in-flight entertainment movie list, after reading rave reviews about this animation but was then unable to find it locally.
I was so blown away by this movie!
Of all the animations I've watched, it is one of the most underrated! It is as stylistically beautiful as a Studio Ghibi anime and accompanied by a haunting beautiful soundtrack.
It really captured the majestic yet wild beauty of the Celtic lands and folklore, reminding me of Isle of Skye.


Cook #03: Chia Breakfast Pudding

Chia Breakfast Pudding (my adapted version!)

1/3 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup honey or maple syrup
1 cup coconut milk ( or almond milk but I prefer coconut )

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl.
Stir to combine
Cover with clingfilm and leave overnight in fridge.
Top with banana or any other fruit of your choice.


I wasn't sure about chia pudding the very first time I had it.
But the texture actually makes a nice change from cereal and porridge.
I think the trick to getting it work for you is figuring out which milk you prefer and how gelatinous you like it.


Scotland #49: Peak of Ben Nevis

The view from the peak of Ben Nevis!
Thank God for the clear skies and amazing view.


Anime #05: Old school

When cleaning up, I found an old disc with Paradise Kiss on it. 
It's strange how your brain associates some anime series with a certain period of your life. 
Paradise Kiss will always remind me of K and fashion school, (and Nana )

and Honey and Clover will forever remind me of those art school days. 



What an advertisement! Awesome sound track as well! 

 [ via designboom ]


Tune #01: Lion Heart

You know you read too many fashion blogs when your reaction is 


 OOOH! Valentino! 

OOOH! Valentino x Celia Birtwell!


Anime #03: Attack on Titan

H previously shrugged it off, after reading an off-hand review which described it inaccurately as "like   Naruto".
I have to admit, despite of hearing of it before, my interest was piqued only after watching the live-action trailer 

which lead me to checking out the anime ( available on crunchy roll!)

And it is good.
H summarised his excitement after episode 9 with his quote, "Guess who isn't sleeping tonight!"

It's now on my list of "Epic Anime" (just a personal list, I realised that I have to write/blog them down nowadays as I am slowly losing count of what we've watched over the years) but don't worry, it's not on the top, Kill la Kill is still my personal favourite. 


London #21: Bao London

 After reading so many rave reviews about Bao London, we decided to check it out.
We enjoyed the starters, named "xiao chi" (little bites) especially the pig blood cake more than the baos actually. 
The baos did have an interesting fusion twist, but the best one was still the traditional Kong Bak Pao.

It's nice to see Taiwanese food treading in London and I'm glad we checked it out once but not sure if we will ever go back for more. 


Read #01: Five Children on the Western Front

It's great when you get an opportunity to get a book. But even better when the book turns out to be a complete page-turner. 
If I had a book of the year list, this would be on it. 

Guardian has a short extract if you are interested!