Ling came into my room, tear-stained after calling her friend back home.
It was heart-breaking to see her cry for she remained me of how I was feeling too when I first came…
The nostalgia for the past, for the days you were surrounded by the familiar faces, for the things you never appreciated until you realised until you lost it, for the times you should had made more of.
The doubt of whether coming to Australia was the right thing to do, the constant imagining of yourself being back home instead, in the comforting familiarity and having more fun.
The constant wondering of how people are doing, especially the ones who hold close to your heart. The regret that you’re not there to enjoy sharing life with them anymore, but can only be a by-stander from afar. The fear that they will change and the friendship will be lost perpetuates.
And the realisation that after all, what you want most is simply to be back home, where you belong.