All this cold is getting me down. It’s been raining since this morning and I miss the sun!! Haha, I dread the coming of miserable winter days… it’s not so bad when the day starts cool and begins to warm up but today is just one of those days when it’s perpetually wet and glum. It’s just so dreary with all the puddles of water everywhere, splashing onto the back of your legs and the colourless stretch of grey skies. My cousin is already starting to wrap herself up like a snowman in the house, hahaha. She looks really funny especially when she’s so small… she’s a 2nd year uni student but is shorter than me, hahaha. Somehow it seems to me that the females I know of… my cousin, my aunt, my friend’s mum dislike the cold more, I mean they don’t go out in winter unless they have to and wrap themselves up in layers and layers and are always near the heaters. But then again, there’s Jo who loves the cold… and there’s Alex who is in Canada and that’s like a dozen times colder than Aussie so guess I shouldn’t be complaining. Hahaha! Alex is going back in mid-june so that means Su Lin should be back by then too… yay yay!! Can’t wait to see them all again!!! Please, please let SARS go away by then! I really don’t want to stay in Melbourne during the June hols… it’s then when they face the full blunt of winter… I’ll simply turn into a ice block and melt away… hahahaha.

School’s starting on Tuesday. I am so not looking forward to it!! Haha, especially when I have all the homework that I was supposed to do that remains untouched! Arghie! I know I have to complete it but I’m simply not in the mood. Looking at it makes me feel stupid… feel so disgusted at it… so much so that I want to push it aside, push it out of my life. I don’t understand how some kids in school can keep working day in day out… don’t they ever feel sick of the monotony of school and its drowning piles of homework that seem to have no end?! I wish I was as hardworking but my slacker side dictates my life. Mwahaha.

Just had a super short conversation with him… haha, my handphone bill is going to die this month but it’s the first time in 1 week and 1 day… haha, it’s disgusting how I get like withdrawal symptoms kinda when I don’t talk to him for a week… sucks that the JC people are constantly busy and the situation is just going to get worst, I’m like losing my friends to a capital A. wow. Hahaha.