has to be the funniest piece of street art ever!

The technique for stencil graffiti had always bugged me
I always wanted to know how they did it
It was to me, positive and negative space at its best
Plus it was a newer form of graffiti
It's unlike those commonly seen on the walls leading towards the train station
The stencil graffiti pieces are much smaller
With an icon accompanied with some sort of caption
And now it seems so simple
All I had to do was read the instructions that were kindly sprayed onto the face of a metal traffic box
Funny what you can pick up from the streets eh? ;P


I look at the sheets lying in front of me
The words made up of different sizes stare back up at me
How mundane can art history get?
I wanna do something else
But there's nothing else to do

The boarding house is empty
Only the sad souls remain (sigh!)
The rest have families or boyfriends to go home too (sigh.)
Feeling lonely is a understatement.

Maybe I will go back in September
To eat decent food for a change (yay!)
And definitely to see my peeps once again
Jo, Melly, Jojo, Lills, Cheryl, Tania, Melia, Christina, Elf ...
I miss them all so much!
But then there's the evil upcoming exams and homework that seem poised to take over my holiday
I really really hope that this year ends soon
And that all the horrible things come to a close with it
I don't think I ever felt so down and so empty in a year before
Any much more and I'm simply going to go insane.

A few more months left to toil, to bear, to wait
I can't wait to hug, to smile, to laugh
But what I want most is the relationship to go back to what it was please.