It’s scary but I think I’m becoming more and more Australianised by the day. Take today for an example, for the first time ever, I sat through an entire episode of Neighbours, despite the horrendous script and the cringe-worthy acting just because I wanted to catch Steph Mac (chick from my sch who quit sch for the show) in her new role. And despite the fact the telly stations have been broadcasting nothing but footy-related advertisements and shows such as ‘The Footy Show’ (oh my gosh, I watched that too. Well, parts of it at least. ) I am, surprising enough, not sicken by it but actually feel excited. And the best bit is, I don’t even understand how the game works. All that comes to mind, or well, what I see most on the scene is big guys clad in sleeve-less singlets and shorts. There are these white poles on the sides and a guy who with both his arms parallel to his side while rolling his wrists, does this quick flick of his fingers to make out two ‘guns’ as any child would recognise. And with that, the crowd goes crazy and the guy who scored that point gets awarded with a mately slap on the back. That’s about how much my knowledge base goes on the issue. I guess you could include too that it’s pretty amazing sometimes how those big, muscular guys can project their entire masses high up into the sky, just to reach out and grab that almond-shaped ball. And they pull this stunt off with grace, well, most of the times at least. Haha. I guess the worst bit that’s eating at me is that if I’m invited to attend the game or join in with the cheering masses, brandishing proudly the black and white strips or thrusting the proud lion logo in the sky, the innate voice deep within my head is telling me to go, Go, GO!!

But don’t worry, hopefully I’ll be able to hold on tight to my Singlish side for another two more months before my ‘Australian experience’ warps itself into my ‘become Australian experience.’ Eeks.