It's Charlene's Slumber Party cum IJ Christmas Gathering tonight! YAy! I'm so elated with the thought of it already.. Ooh.. it's going to be such a fun-filled night!!

I'm really looking forward to it especially since last night was terrible. I was laying in bed, thinking about a website which I glanced at earlier, despite the inner voices within my head telling me not too... and the wound started to hurt, when it's not supposed too!!! And then I had a panic asthma attack. It's horrible not being able to breathe properly and feeling too faint to pull yourself up. *bleah* But the scariest part was that I suddenly had this bolt of fear during the attack that I was going to die.

*takes a deep breath* I'm so just glad to be alive now.

KT called this afternoon when I was out with my cousins and my bro. It was news about him... which made me worried and I really wanted to call him... just to cheer him up and make sure he's fine... but just I'm so scared to do so.

I wanna dance and spin like a flower being blown gently by the wind...