Architectural Internship: Day Two

My second day at ‘work’ (or so it’s called) and slowly, the workings of an architect’s company are opening to me. The first day was mainly introduction to the people in the company and a briefing from Nicole’s dad about the full details of how an architect approaches a project. I guess what surprised me most was how much paperwork there was to very project… I spent some time just wandering along the wide shelves that line the back of the office and just browsed through their titles, it’s insane how much they to write, type, store just for the administration of a simple house! I don’t even wanna imagine how many files the company which built the Esplanade would have. I mean, even for a house, you have to do the detailing of the plan (top view), side view and the section (view of something if you cut it in half) of the building plan, waterproofing, external openings, internal openings, railing details, site finishes, wall finishes, floor finishes, stair finishes, ceiling finishes, lift finishes, roof finishes, sanitary fixtures and even special fixtures (like pools) and room furniture. insane.