to jing. companion from those golden days of genuine youth and memories that will be cherished for a life time. Sister in knowing the aches of the heart. I wish for you, on this first day of '04, success in the road before you. I wish for you, life in shades of joy.

That is so sweet!
Thanks Lilly... *hug*

Happy New Year to all you folks reading this. My wishes for you are: May this year be one of good cheer.

Anyway, I finally completed by UCAS application form or well, the writing bits of it... yay! Writing the personal statement was pretty tough since the last time I wrote anything proper was my English exam... and now that's about 2 months back. But for about 2 days's work with two movie breaks in the afternoon, heehee, I'm quite glad that it turned out to be something quite substanical. I was worried for a moment that I would not have enough to write about since I didn't participate that much in MGGS as much as I did in IJ. But that part of my life is now over, yay! Now, all I have left is to pay 15 pounds and send it in. I really do hope I get Manchester Uni and/or Glasgow... I would be so so elated to recieve an offer from them that I get nervous even thinking about it! Ohhhhhhh, I really wanna go for so many reasons, the exposure, the excitement of a new place but yet, I feel so drawn to Singapore for so many
more reasons.

May the wind blow me in the direction HE wants me to follow...

In Mona Lisa Smile, there's a short scene where a scene of girls dancing around a maypole is shown
It is gorgeous.
I absolutely love the maypole dance.
Somehow, just something about the idea of little girls dressed up pretty in pink and all the pretty pastel colours, jumping and dancing around a pole, clad in the most beautiful forest green, with a garland of summer flowers on its top that has ribbons of shimmery colours flowing out simply takes my breathe away. Their laughter seems to ring out from everywhere and echos within my head. Fairies, butterflies, teddies and kitties appear in my subconsciousness. And for a moment, the world seems so beautiful.