Now that I’ve complete my AA essay and I’m back at the architectural company, I suddenly find myself with a lack of things to do.

Teaching at IJ for two days (last Thursday and Friday) was really an experience. My first lesson was with 2/1 and I was so nervous standing in front of the class. Despite their chatter, I could hear my heart thumping and all these thoughts running through my head, like what I should say, what should I do? And if things couldn’t get any better, one of the girls at the table I was standing at whispered in my ear, ‘Miss Chiam, you didn’t zip up your pants’. That’s why mornings are evil. Even though your body is up and moving, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your brain is.

Gawl. I was supposed to be the cool 2/1 senior coming back to teach. So much for that image now.

Thankfully, the rest of the lessons were so much better. After 2/1, I had 5N if I’m not wrong and well, that lesson went much better than expected despite having the other teachers claim that 5N was the ‘highlight’ of the day. So of the kids in 5N used to be in ELDDS so I recognised them and vice versa. Also, Ginny who I danced with was in that class as well so the class wasn’t as hard to control as I expected. Most of them are pretty nice and willing to learn and listen as long as you guide them nicely. I do hope I managed to inspire some of them into getting into action for their art project cuz I have a soft spot for that class, as in, 5N isn’t exactly the best class but schools were set up to educate all and help especially those who need it, I mean, if every kid was a bright RGS kiddo, it would be much easier and faster to educate them but sometimes, they don’t need a teacher cuz they can do it on their own but the 5N kids do and it’s so much challenging to put things simply in their terms so that they understand, so that they are inspired.

The other classes that I enjoyed were 1/1 (they’re so adorable!), 1/5 (cheeky lil monsters) and 2/5.

For 2/5, they already had a lesson plan set out for them and it was to draw six small thumbnails for a paper tile and the themes were Economic Defence, Military Defence, Civil Defence… (trust our government to come up with such interesting themes eh? So much for creativity!!) And so, I was walking around the class to check on the girls when I spotted one of the thumbnails. It said, ‘TOTO!’, ‘4-D!’ and had little sketches of the lottery tickets along the bottom.
Curious, I asked…
Me: ‘Erm, what’s that?’
Student: ‘Economic Defence’
Me (incredulous): ‘Gambling is Economic Defence ?!?!’

So much for national education eh? Hahaha.

And a common scene in the 1/5 lessons,
The two girls sitting in front, one Chinese and the other Indian sits side by side chatting…
Me: Girls! Girls! Don’t talk!
The girls start to sing.
Me: Girls! Girls! Don’t sing!!
Girls start to talk again.
I come up with an idea.
Me: Ok, girls! Since you guys like to be the centre of the attention so much, come on to the front and stand here, you guys are going to be the models for today (we were drawing portraits)
Girls: Ok! (In delight) and stand in front of the class and start talking again.
Me: Girls! Girls! You’re models! You’re not supposed to talk.
The girls start to sing.
Me: Girls! Girls! You’re not supposed to sing!
Girls: Start to dance.

Me: *smacks head*