Apparently meeting his family meant so much more than I expected
It’s just fabulous how I get myself into fixes that I don’t know how to resolve.
They were nice people, and it was a typical Singaporean family and their guest out to lunch… no biggie.
But it felt weird because I was treated as though I was his gf… when I’m not
And they knew my name and the fact that I had studied in Aussie even though I had never told them any of that.
Aye. Jo, Shoot me the next time I do something as stupid. Actually, let’s just hope there won’t be a next time.
Anyway, my UCAS application is starting to worry me. So far, I have only heard from Newcastle and that was one month ago.
Where is the further news from Glasgow, Manchester and Liverpool?!?!
So many A level holders have already recieved news of thier acceptance places to the various universities that they applied for...
Yet, my mailbox remains empty.
Please let the acceptance letters come in before more paranoia sets in.