The visit to my cousin, Joan’s dentist who happens to be another cousin’s best friend ( who needs friendster when you have a family as large as mine? )
turned out to be pretty informative.

The x-ray that was taken of my jaw proved that I actually do have enough room in my mouth to let the wisdom teeth to grow out. The first dentist I went to wanted me to take them both out, grrrrrrrr, the dodgy old man. Thank goodness I was spared all that pain and risk. Apparently, this dentist explained how the wisdom teeth lie very closely to a nerve that if damaged, will lead to numbness of the lips. So, no removing of wisdom teeth for me, yay!

However, the case of my baby tooth that never fell out was explained. The adult tooth was that to replace its place is apparently out of place. Very out of place. The x-ray depicted it to be lying almost horizontally, about 3 teeth away from its original location. How in the world did it end up there? I would love to know as well. Being an oddball at times comes pretty naturally but to have weird teeth, that’s a first.

So now, I am scheduled to see another dentist to have another x-ray of my upper jaw done so the dentist can have a clearer picture of where exactly that oddball tooth is lying and whether I need to have it surgically removed. But, I get to keep my baby tooth for the next decade until it falls out naturally.