You know, sometimes at night
You cry because the pain is so unbearable
And you see no end in mind
And no prayers answered
But somewhere out there, the Lord picks up the pieces for you
Glues them back together with his magical touch of love and sparking fairy dust
And soon enough, you realise that it’s alright being lost
And that everyone hurts at times
And all that matters is that He is there, always
With that, you learn how to smile again.

I feel so incredibly lucky!!!!!
This evening, I wanted to go see the closing exhibition of Gee Michaud whose oil paintings and sculptures are on exhibition at the Alliance Francaise. My intention was to arrived there at least one hour in advance so I would have sufficient time to appreciate all the exhibits.
However, my daddy left home late and we had to drop my sister off at ballet first and on the way there, we were stuck in the rush hour traffic along Orchard Road (it’s real horrible). Because of that, I only arrived there at 7 pm, half an hour til the exhibit was scheduled to closed.
So I rushed up there and sadly, the packers had arrived early and most of the paintings were there, on a trolley, waiting to be pushed out. I was so disappointed. But just then, this lady appeared from behind the movers and was like, Are you here to view the exhibition? And it turns out that she was Gee Michaud, the artist herself!!! She was such a nice, friendly lady! As I requested about the catalogs of the exhibition (so at least I’ll be able to see the some of the works), she told me that they were 6 dollars for two booklets and offered her apologies because she didn’t expect anyone else to come by.
After that, I opened my wallet to pay her and gave her the 5 dollar notes I had, and was digging around for a one dollar coin when she told me not to worry about it and gave me her business card, telling me to visit her at her house instead to view the works. OH MY GOSH!! I am so psyche!! (If this happened in aussie, I bet Jasmine’s exact words right now would be… SCORE!!)

After that, I went downstairs and then realised that there was supposed another art exhibition in the building so I asked the lady at the information desk. She directed to the 4th floor, which was the floor that I just came down from and don’t remember seeing any other studio… but still, I went upstairs once more to check. And the nice artist who was still there then informed me that the other exhibition was opening tomorrow in the same space… so I was like, Ooh! Haha and then headed to the lift. And standing there for the lift as well turned out to be the artist’s son and his two other soccer friends from the international France school, all clad in their soccer jerseys! ‘Hot!’ would be such a understatement!

It’s simply unbelievable that all this happened to me
And now, I just can’t stop grinning.
Thanks God!