Father quoted Brandon Loo, the RSAR fighter pilot words, ‘It’ll always lead for better things to come’ this evening in mass.

Then, I recalled reading a sign posted on the bulletin board in IJ advocating the same message…slightly more along the lines of The Lord only takes away to give His children better.

At that time, I was thinking, ‘Yeah right!’
I believed that the best had already been given and it was my fault that I did not appreciate it as much as I should, allowing the chance to slip through my fingers… regretting the choices I made.

However, if the first time was already fantastic, then I shouldn’t fear letting another good thing happen to me. Perhaps it is finally time to let go and let God.

And for once, when I think about the choices I have made and the unknown future that I can forge, a tingling sensation of excitement runs down my spine and I smile.


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