I had my first driving lesson on Friday!! And it certainly wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be… thanks to gene who had to teach me what and where the clutch and foot brake were, haha but I’m quite proud that I only managed to stall the car twice throughout the 2 hour long lesson. Not bad for a newbie eh? Haha


Argh. I got accepted by NUS Architecture… something which I wasn’t hoping to get, well actually, I guess deep down inside of me, I wanted to be accepted as it would be an indicator that I am capable/ qualified enough to get into such a demanding course.
But an aptitude test is just the tip of the iceberg right? And there’s only so much you can tell from it? Can I trust the NUS system of admissions? And it’s NUS!

It’s crazy that so many of these questions are running through my head and worst still, they leave me awake all night.

Also, I guess it’s that little hope inside of me that wants me to stay… for perhaps staying will bring on more hope… and that will bloom into that dream.
But what a price to pay for the dream…

In my cupboard, the final, final ucas confirmation form lays empty, waiting for me to tick and sign the blank lines.

The blue pill or the red pill?
It is as simple as the phrase Christina quoted but then, why am I going nuts deciding what best to do?!

I need to pray.
And I need Tania.. come back from Thailand NOWWWWW!!!!!