I do not like the layout of the xp version of word on my computer but at least they finally got rid of the annoying paperclip animation that would pop out at the corner and ask if you would like any help… somehow it reminds me of sales assistants that approach you when you do not require any assistance and linger around you with a plastic smile slapped onto their faces.

Anyway, good tidings! Good tidings! I haven’t gotta official permission from my folks yet BUT I might be heading down to Melbourne sometime soon if me and my friends manage to work something feasible out. I’m so terribly excited!! I really do wanna surprise Edyth, Jas, Nadia and the rest but I’m also aware that my parents might not be so agreeable since I’m already spending so much on education alone.
So, for the moment, I’m just keeping my finger crossed, crossed really tight!

Oh, another thing! I can come back in December! And I didn’t even have to beg and plead… all I did was inform my mum that my cousins in Aussie are heading back as well for the other cousin’s wedding! Now, all I have to do is find some cheap ticket to bring me back home when I’m over at Glasgow! I’m guessing it shouldn’t be too hard so yippee yay! Home in December will mean time to hang out with Edyth, Nic, Melia, Melly and gang!
A word to warp it up, Joy!