Kenneth and Porshee leave for Bali on Saturday night and I won't be going along with them because my mum wouldn't give her permission. The closer Saturday night draws, my heart feels more sore. I would try not to think of what I'll be missing out on but it just doesn't happen.

And it is highly unlikely that I'll be able to come back in December for my cousin's wedding. My mum is only going to purchase a one way ticket to Glasgow so the next time I'll be back in Singapore will be... Goodness knows when?!

It really makes me consider and re-consider my decision of leaving for Glasgow.

I would definately be able to attend my cousin's wedding if I stayed or went back to Melbourne. And I miss the people there so much... and now that Nic is there and Mel might be heading that way too. But sigh, there's also all the original reasons of why I chose to leave that still remain.

But I guess, it is the gradual realisation that once again, I have to leave behind everything that I know; my ''known'' lifes in 2 different countries and friends, beloved friends from both parts of those world to start renew in Glasgow, Scotland.
And it is fearful.
I know I will miss Singapore and my comfortable exisitance here. My family and my friends and food.
I miss Australia already and the dear, dear people there.

But if I never take the chance, I will never know what about Glasgow there is to miss.

Ronald Reagan believed that God had a plan for him and all he wanted to do is to follow that plan.
I pray that I have the faith to do that too.