Karin got accepted by Lasalle and as a result, Amelia and I are being taken out for a ''celebration'' lunch! Yipee yay!!
It's so nice of her!! And Amelia and Karin are such great company! I can already foresee myself having a lovely time! Yay!!

I'm in such a happy mood.

I was feeling rather lonely with Lilly, Jo and Mel outta town. And then having Char and Nadia going off soon, was feeling a little left out but thank goodness for Shawn. He's such a nice guy and with a fantastic sense of humor... it was a nice surprise having him sms me, asking me to go out with him.

It's real nice to be with good company, the conversation never seems to end and at the end of the day, both sides are full of laughter and cheer.

Thanks Lord.