This morning, we had the briefing for the nus architecture and industrial design combined camp. I was so worried that I won’t know anyone there because during the aptitude test, I didn’t recognise any familiar face but the very first person I turned to when I sat down actually turned out to be my primary school classmate!

It was such a surprise seeing her there!! We had lost contact since primary school ended but I always remember her because the only thing differing was our surname. So far, she’s the only other person I know whose name is so close to mine!

And on the way up to the LT, I ran into Lizhen and Joanna in the lift! It made me feel so much more at home knowing that I do know some people in the room and Joanna is in my OG! We also talked to some other girl in the group who came across as a really cool tracker so I’m really looking for the camp! Feels like it’s going to be good fun! Whee!