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CARA: Yo CARA!! You're still alive man! I haven't seen you online on ICQ for ages! How are u? I miss talking to you during optus time man! Hearing all your 'the church' stories! Mwahahahaha! Oh yeah, do you have a MSN account? I just another froshie (that's what they call freshman in Canada) who is going to my Uni. He spent his last 2 years in Canada and he has all these Seseme Street emoicons! You would love it man... there's Ernie, Big Bird and the whole gang (except Cookie monster)!

Nurul: Hey, next friday's outing to the night safari might be postponed but I'll keep u updated! =)

Regan: Go see the photo link! I uploaded the picture there for you!!

Cher: I'm going to miss you too! *hug* Hopefully I'll run into you when I gatecrash NUS... funny how we never meet up eh? But you know I love you all the same! haha!