Woah. I can’t believe I have less than one month left to settle the stuff regarding to uni and pack up to leave.

But everything seems to be falling more into place now that the university has FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY sent over the package full of letters and information regarding my matriculation. (Somehow, at the back of my mind, I still can’t get over the fact that I’m going to university. It seemed so damn far away just yesterday when we were all back in our 2/1 classroom, wearing the blue and white pinafolds… and now, I’m a freshman. Freaky! )

Also, I feel so much better knowing that I haven’t been forgetten by the university or more likely, the accommodation office because I FINALLY have been offered a hall!!! (*applause please*) I have been tearing my hair out waiting for the stupid offer letter to come. The lady in charge whom I spoke to claimed that it was sent out on the 30th of July but there’s still no sign of it in the mail. Thankfully, she was nice enough to email me with the details that are I’ve been offered Palmerston Place. It’s a non smoking, mixed sex flat for 5 person. It is shared with a whole block of 8 flats so there’s about 40 of us altogether.
I am so pleased and grateful that I was offered this flat (we were given 2 options) because on the form which we were to send back to inform them whatever choice we made, I ticked both of the boxes (haha) because when I emailed the lady a few months back, she sounded like a major bitch in the email and provided little or none whatsoever help that I could not make a proper decision due to the freaky lack of information and help I was given (grrrr.)

But yay, I did receive the flat that I was hoping to be offered! Thank God!!

And, the Singaporean society from my university seems really friendly and helpful. So far, I’ve received an invitation for a fresher’s gathering next weekend at some senior’s house and another two emails from another senior who is also at the school of art. I guess this is the difference when you are one out of five people going to a university than compared to being a minuscule part of half a gazillion Singaporeans that flood into an melbournian uni each year. (Haha, ok. Shall stop being mean.)
That senior’s major is in product design engineering. (How totally cool right?) It’s so awfully exciting to think that I’m going to meet and be studying with all these people pursuing different areas of FINE ART, DESIGN, PRODUCT DESIGN and ARCHITECTURE. Yikes, I hope I don’t overload with excitement and start grinning like a possessed Cheshire cat at everyone I meet, haha.
But so far, what has impressed me immensely about the society and/or the people was this except from the email:

I have got the message form Aaron that you are trying to find out what are the reading materials that you need to get for your course. I have tried to contact your tutor and a senior but the whole school is like a ghost town...nobody seems to be around. I will keep on trying and will let you know as soon as i get an answer from them.

It is so sweet. I seriously did not expect him to go to such an extent to answer my question. I’m so touched!! =)

Oh! My sister is going to take the day off on Monday so she'll spend both Sunday and Monday up in Glasgow with me when I first move in. You can't imagine how happy I was to hear the news! Why? After ringing the university's accommodation office this afternoon, one other thing that I learnt besides the confirmation of my halls is that THE GLASWEGIAN ACCENT IS SO STRONG. I only managed to catch less than half of the conversation before proceeding to pretend as though I knew what the lady on the other side was going about on. Gosh. I can already foresee myself making up parts of conversation to my room mates and having the blank, ''What are you going on about?'' look passed vice versa between us because I will have NO IDEA what they just said. Lol.