It's 25 past midnight here and I'm too tired/lazy (whatever) to email this out to everyone or to check who I missed out on my mailing list so if you did or did not get this in your email inbox, just read it here:

Hello all you guys!! *hug hug hug*!

I am so sorry for this long long overdue email of updates… my internet refused to work for the longest time and I was just about giving up when I changed the setting of something under the internet connection tab and now I’m online!! Woohoo! Computers! Don’t you just love to hate them?!

This email is going to be super long so hold on to your horses yeah? *winks*

Here goes…
As most of you guys should know I left Singapore on the 8th and was in London until the12th when me and my sister took a train up to Glasgow. The train journey was horrible due to the fact that we had to keep switching trains as Virgin the company in charge was upgrading the tracks. First they sent us chasing for a earlier train bound for Glasgow but the other station we arrived at could not hold the train, so we ended up at other station waiting for the next train that was delayed. This meant that we had to keep dragging all my bags over the different platforms and they’re not light. Plus that train was so late that the train after it actually came first so everyone bound for Glasgow boarded it and thus it was super damn packed. Next time I go up to Glasgow, I am SOO taking a plane!!

But GLASGOW IS SUCH A CRAZY PLACE!! I am so loving every moment of it here!! On that Sunday evening, I moved into Yin Ru, this Singaporean girl’s flat because the tendency for my accommodation didn’t start until a week later. And I got to know her roommate who is this girl from rural britian called Roselyn. She’s really really nice and I’m quite close to her now! Anyway, my sister stayed with me until Monday afternoon and frankly, when she left for the train station… it suddenly dawned on me that I was SO far way alone from home and well, it ain’t a pleasant feeling. Thank goodness, it was just a fleeting moment and so far, I haven’t felt very homesick yet so don’t worry! Also, that night after my sister left, one of the unions at university held a Scottish dance to kick off fresher’s week, which is basically orientation for all the freshman. That was crazy fun cuz the crowd was so happening… there was a live band playing on the stage and this woman who would belt out the instructions right before the dance but she wasn’t very good at delivering the instructions so everyone just stood copying each other and usually the first go was crazy cuz everyone was off-beat and dancing into each other but it looks really great when everyone finally gets the hang of the dance! My favourite dance is this one where you start of with a group of 6 people, then you guys twirl around, split into three, then the three people do a dance around each other… form back a line of 3 facing the other 3 and then, other sides forms a ‘bridge’ by lifting up their hands while the other 3 go beneath it to find 3 other people and the whole dance starts again! It’s such mad fun cuz you meet all these people on the floor from the dance and the people here are so friendly!! People smile back to you when you walk down the street and they’re so full of goodwill when you need any sort of assistance! Just yesterday, I took a bus down to my school and I didn’t know where to alight but the bus driver was really cool… he gave me a discount of the ride cuz it was only a few stops away (every cent in this country counts cuz the pound is so freakin strong) and even specially dropped me of at the bus stop closest to my school…and an old lady on board even gave me a sweet!! I love this place!!! I’ve never been happier overseas and maybe cuz I’ve been like perpetually drunk almost every night, lol. The cost of living in this country is absolutely insane due to the pound but the one thing here that is cheap cheap is the BOOZE!!!!! Hoegarden is like 2 pounds which is equivalent to 6 sing bucks?! Shawn Poon, you must come up and drink cheap beer with me! And even better is when you go to the uni bars and drink, we get student discount here so BEER IS A POUND FOR A PINT!! And so is vodka dashes! *does a happy dance*! Whee!!

Anyway, I have so much more to tell you guys but it’s almost midnight here and I’m tired. Please please do email me with what’s been happening in your lives… I do miss all you people!! Take care!

Love love,
P.S My art school has got so many gay guys!! And talking about gay guys, apparently the park that we have to pass by to get to university is this big gay hangout at night… last year, three guys got gang raped on the way home from uni so now, It’s actually safer for girls to walk the guys home instead! How funny is that?! >P