Uni’s started!!
I officially had my first day at the school of art today! Sounds pretty glamorous eh?

But too bad having to wake up early in order to make it on time for the 9am lecture really ain’t glamorous. Also, having to begin the school week on Tuesday (Monday was a bank holiday so no school) really wasn’t such a good idea too because Tuesday is lecture day. So, other than the 2 lunch breaks we have, the rest of our time is spent inside the lecture room inside to the 5 different tutors coming in to teach us on the various topics;

1)History of architecture… we began with the Stonehenge! It’s interesting how many theories there are behind the Stonehenge! And do you know that the Stonehenge isn’t the only one in the world! There’s actually so many more scattered around the UK!
2)Structural design… the tutor for this lecture was really cool! He would demonstrate his points using all sorts of materials! Today he used wooden blocks and bricks for it. He showed us how brinks should not be used when there is a lot of tension by putting one under a test and actually showing it crack.
3)Architectural Science: We mostly watched all these slides that were examples of climate-sensitive architecture… nice tutor who’s going to break us slowly into the course. I like!
4)Architectural Acoustics: Probably the most random lecture of the day!

‘Architectural acoustics is non-visual’! Er…duh?!
‘Boring=non-interesting!!’ (His PowerPoint point on archi acoustics… as if we couldn’t tell by then! Haha, took me forever to really listen to what he was talking about! Hopefully this lecture would liven up as the weeks go by.)

And lastly, we had a lady who gave a short brief of either Built Environment or Themes and Perception (one of them was cancelled… yay!!).

But if I made the day sound pretty damn boring, it really wasn’t that bad… perhaps only the last lecture… but I like the lecture room! It’s a nice shade of darkish green with all these concrete structure examples from the Classical period and be on hanging on each side! Gives the room such a nice, architectural inspired feeling!! I’ll try to take some photographs for it to share with you guys!

Also, this afternoon, I found that I’m not the only poor student here! Was on my way home with David (4th year Medic student from KL) when he told me that he was down to 4 pounds only because he’s been out clubbing for the last 3 weeks without budgeting prior to it… and I thought I was in a bad situation!! Gee! But my bank account should be done by this week… *fingers still crossed*!

Anyway, tomorrow, we’re supposed to bring an object for ‘show and tell’! I’m bringing along this flexible wire structure thing that can be shaped into different forms… I have no idea what it is called other than the fact that it’s made in some Middle Eastern country and I find it pretty entertaining because I keep finding different uses for it. I shall dub it my multi-purpose flexi-wire! Whoopiee dooo! Haha! Let’s hope tomorrow will be fun… I know one of the other guys, Ewan ( Hong Kong born, Edinburgh raised dude) is bringing a pencil as his object… wonder how he’s going to elaborate on how it represents him! Let’s see if the Singaporean or the Scottish are better at crapping!