Bugger the school's firewall !!
I can't post pictures via Hello because of it! But don't worry, photos will eventually be posted once soon... I just have to get into the mood (AKA stop being so lazy, haha)

It's been a good weekend... went away to Loch Lomond with GUSS which stands for Glasgow University Singapore Society as it was a trip for all the freshies... it had gorgeous scenary and I will talk more about it once I feel less miserable about being sick.

I've got a horrid eye infection.
My right eye hurts everytime I blink so the discomfort is making me really grumpy.

Thank goodness for all my medic friends/seniors from church... I rang one of them up last night attempting to get some antibotic eye drops. None of them had any but all 6 of them trooped down to my place... and I became their pbl (problem based learning) case study of the night as each of them stared at my red, weepy eye and tried to figure out what was the problem. I still have to see the GP tomorrow but hey, at least now I think I know where the infection comes from... my bottle of rewetting eye drops. So for all you contact lens users, throw away your rewetting eye drops after a month because bacteria can built up in there and result in an infection like yours truely. Sigh.