I got a postcard from home!! Yay yay!!
It's so nice to recieve mail from home... makes me feel special, haha
Thank youuuu Edwin! *hug*!

And oh, my cheque book arrived in the mail as well! Thank goodness for it cuz now I can finally settle my school fees and not have to worry about it until next year! Yay yay!
It feels so weird to see my name and details printed on the cover of the chequebook though... it's my first, very own cheque book! Somehow it feels like those, my first barbie dolls figurines... you know that it's not going to be the only one but still, the first one is significant simply because it's number one.

Birthday wishes to Jeremy too!!
My cell group... (Tania, I joined a cell group here! Ain't you so proud? *sniff sniff*! Haha! I miss u so much though! ) and I are going to hold a surprise party for him later! I'm so excited thinking about it... surprises and birthdays are both events to be cheerful about and a combination of them deserves a SQUEEL!!!

Haha, ok... just realised that this entry sounds pretty air-headed but after an entire day of making a model... it's just so nice to be home, read the postcard that came all the way from singy ( =)!! ) and look forward to ice cream and junk food later! Whee!

Anyway, I'm off to prepare Jeremy's pressie... consisiting of a Jammy donut... he's never tried one before so might as well introduce him to these wonderfully addicative goodness on his birthday so he can wish for more of them for the resst of his life! Haha! And also a postcard with a flying pig on it... he's doing vet science lar!