I had my first ever vegan meal tonight! It was cooked by Sam, my gay American vegan flatmate (how cool can u get?) and Mikey who is a friend of Sam’s… they go to the same art school in America.

For perhaps the most healthiest meal in my entire life (no fish, no meat, no egg, no milk), it was actually quite tasteful. There were 3 dishes… Spanish rice, black eyed peas (or that’s what Sam told me what they were called) and a vegetable dish that consisted of mushrooms, carrots, green and yellow peppers and some other lettuce like vegetables.
Once you add vegan soy-sauce (seriously, this item is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen… it looks like soy sauce but it’s got no alcohol and it’s not fermented, it comes in a spray bottom and you don’t pour it onto your food, you SPRAY it on like you’re applying sun-tan to your food… and on the bottle, there is a picture promoting a lady who is a self-proclaimed Health Crusader.) and protein flakes (these flat white crumbs that look like fish food… supposedly full of vitamin B), you then proceed to eat the meal.

It was indeed edible, the ‘soy sauce’ did help to relieve the slight blandness and after the meal, it made me feel much healthier because today’s lunch was a cheap burger from a take-away shop. So you get all the greasy goodness of packaged meet patties combined with tasteless veggies and heated bread. –bleah-
After the burger, I totally understood why Chris (Brunei born, Candian bred first year medic) prefers to cook his meals rather than eat-out… the quality of home cooked meals cannot be compared to external food.

Besides having a crazily healthy meal, I also came across this unbelievable second hand bookshop this afternoon. The shop is packed entirely with books! Once you walk in, all you see is bookshelves that reach the ceiling and all these books placed on them, stacked on the ends, stacked on the floor and almost everywhere else! Also, some of the books in there are SOO old that they’re actually the old school type of red bound leather covers with golden decorations on the cover… the sides of the pages are golden as well… and when you flip them open, the print of the font is so quaint!! Can you believe that these kind of books still exist in this time and age?! Mikey bought one of these blast of the past books that had etchings of flowers and stories about nature in it. I was tempted to buy one of these books on Plato for amusement sake but sadly, I am still very poor…bank account still not up yet for those who are wondering… stupid people sent me a letter on Friday saying that they forgot to photocopy one page of my passport so I have to go back to the bank with my passport before they can proceed to open the account.

Anyway, after the bookshop… we ( we here refer to me, Luke… british flatmate doing fine art and printmaking, Lois…another british flatmate doing environmental art, Mikey, Sam and Gary… hong kong born, british bred, fellow first yr architecture mate) headed to this UBER cool tea house.
Honestly, ALL you guys should just come visit me to come to this place… seriously, even photographs won’t do this place justice… it just has this fantastic atmosphere that words that describe! The place is like a blend of modern hippie mixed with awesome chill out music… kick-ass tea from all over the world ( you can get Tibetan tea… need I say more?!) The garden is like an industrial wasteland garden as it looks out to a post-modern dreary industrial building but the green trees and wooden furniture break the monotony…plus on the right, if you look beon the trees, you actually see a river running past. And the interior!! You see influence from asian culture mainly at a glance but if you look closely, you notice all these modernist paintings… simple drawings of stuff like old stereos done in black ink on wooden planks hanging off the sides… and the draperies are the highly decorative but non-shimmery types from Indian. And the music that was spinning was the soundtrack of Amelie… the best French movie ever made.

It is absolutely heavenly sitting in there, huddled up in the sofa, sipping on warm milky white tea and playing scrabble of which we did. Moments like this are the ones that make you so appreciative of life.

Life now, life in Scotland… so absolutely beautiful.