It's reading week!!!! It's reading week!!! Whoopie!!!

Reading week is here! And I'm down in London!
Ooh...It feels so good to be here!!

For the clueless, reading week is a week off given to most university kids (except the poor medics, haha... ) so that they can supposely in theory, stay at home and read or use the time to catch up on their work. But, I prefer the term, reading week HOLIDAY as it is much more appropriate!
Even before uni offically closed on friday, my flatmates were already off on their way to Paris on thursday night and they're not the only ones! Everyone is off and away!! Edinburgh, Birmingham, yada yada yada!

And my cousin is down in london too from Cambridge! It's so good to hang out with her again especially since the last time I actually properly spent time with her was in primary school (?!?!) so it's so awesome... me, my cousin and my sister, shopping and eating in the heart of london!! I'm just so over the moon!

Anyway, gotta be up for genuiue Jewish made bagels (yes, bagels were first made by Jews) in the morning so take care all you people!

Love lots!