Celebrated my first Thanksgiving ever with my flatmates and their friends this evening! Sam and Miki (the 2 americans) cooked up such a feast!! We had 5 massive,vegan dishes and 2 pies for dessert.... don't think I've ever consumed so much starch at any other meal before!
But before dinner, all of us at the table had to give thanks for things that we were grateful for this year... that got me thinking and so here's my list!

This year, I'm thankful for...
-the beautiful Lord's blessings and constant love!
-my loving parents for giving me this opporunity to study and live in Glasgow!
-my sister! Who wrote me a postcard... ( a Miffy one! ) just cuz I haven't called her in a while... thought it was awfully sweet! =)
-my fantastic flatmates!!! For all the crazy vegan dinners, the family guy screenings, the insane drinking and all the laughs that we shared...
-the Singaporean bunch... Alfred, Yin Ru, CHRIS!!!! For all the dinners that Chris cooked, all the dinners shared together in chris or alfred's kitchen, all the trips to the supermarket and just being there for everything, =)
-Paul... for everything about him that makes me smile, =)
-my wonderful friends back home, the 2/1 bunch, the CS people, cara, cher, jo ... for all the emails, all the letters and postcards from Singapore, for the brief conversations on msn, for all your care and concern shown!

Yikes, just realised that my 'thank-you' list is beginning to sound rather like a speech given at the Oscars but surely a girl's allowed to be a bit of a drama queen especially when she's feeling so loved! >P

*Hugs* to all you guys reading this!
Hope you have a wonderful day ahread!
Love lots!