Waking up to the piping sounds of flutes is strange enough to begin the morning with...
But when you stick your head out of the window to investigate further
Shock would be a understatement
I even found myself questioning how much alcohol I had last night...
When you see troops of marching bands (21 of them actually) congregating below your window
Especially on a quiet street used only for the working people to park the vechicles other than the usual university kid

What a random way to begin your saturday with eh?
I am SOOO amused!!!

Eventually, my whole flat was awaken to the sounds of the marching bands going by
And was it was too cold and too early to go downstairs
We just peeked out of the kitchen windows taking photos of this strange, strange event that no one knows what it is or what it is about!
The only thing that we could agree on is this country is so strange
Yet we love every bit of it!