I went over to Alfred's place to get some rice a few mintues ago
But in the end came back with not only a pot full of rice...
but also, ceral,
ba kua (how wonderful is he?!) and chocolate!
So thanks again alfred!!

It's been the 2nd week back at the art school again
And things seem to be going along pretty nicely...
I've gotten to know many more faces in my course and it's cool cuz now, everything I move about the studio, I get to smile at least at one person and I'm lovin it!!
Sometimes it brings back good memories of the old aep days... the IJ days... can't believe sometimes how are they quite so far nowadays yet my best buds are still from those days of blue and white.... Rima, Mel and Jo Pang, I miss you guys!

But, life's here is pretty good.
Oh, I've got a job by the way!
I'm working for my art school's library and earning slightly less than 5 pounds an hour for placing the books back into the shelves and helping to rearrange and tidy up the books.
It's not long hours so don't worry!
My first day was this Tuesday and they only require us to work for an hour each time anyway!
It's rather enjoyable cuz the library carries mainly art books (which is a wonderful thing) and I keep discovering there are so many really cool books that I'll love to borrow or even own there... plus, the hour I have to work provides a good break from the drawing desk!
The best bit does have to be though that I am earning some money of my own and every little bit helps so I don't have to burden my parents for finanical aid.
For those who have been praying, thanks and thanks to the One answering my prayers!