I am supposed to be working hard on my architectual history essay right now
But I kept getting distracted so I might as well blog since I've not done so for ages
And also, I got a friendster msg from Cher (thanks dear! =] ) and it just feels good to know that people are reading my blog, heehee!

My current architectual history essay is based on this question:
Choose an example of domestic architecture from any date before the 1950 and any place. How does the form of the building relate to the domestic life and ritual functions which occupied it? Analyse the plan and any other architectural or decorative aspects which are relevant to answer the question.

It's due one week from now... right after we handed in our Built Environment essay where we had to Analyse the residental building in which you now live or lived in in respec to the following influences on its design... the need to afford shelter from climate, the building materials and structure and socio-cultural influences. Secondly, analyse the urban environment of this above residential building.

(I'm writing all of this out for Michael's sake mainly... and not because I'm some essay-lovin geek so don't get me wrong here.)

Hopefully both the essays will turn out well! =) Oh, I got a C for the last archi essay... it's not a fantastic grade but hey, I was only 1 mark short of a B! Plus, I'm happy with it and thank you Lord! I was pretty worried about it for a while after hearing that some of my coursemates actually failed the assignment.

Anyway, it's good to be back in Glasgow after spending 3 days between Reading and London and 1 day at Cambridge. It was a nice break away from school.

And from this trip, I've noticed that something peculiar: whenever I'm with or within close radius of my sister, my brain somehow seems to automatically go onto hiberate mode or shut down completely because I do the silliest things when she's around!!!
(The list below is so utterly embarrassing so u are NOT allowed to laugh about it in my presence!!!)

No. 1 on the silly list: My sister keeps her shower gels, shampoos and facial cleaser altogether on the shower rake... and it so happens that on the first morning, my half-woken self simply grabbed whatever bottle on the rake, lather it and slopped it onto my face. Then my senses woke up, and I grabbed the bottle to have a closer look at it... and it turned out to be hair conditioner instead!!
Fwah liao, I was so embarrased that I didn't dare tell my sister.

2nd Silly thing that I didn't tell my sister: We went grocery shopping at Waitrose and she left me to pick 2 apples for my bus trip back up. I did and I placed them into the plastic bag provided at the side. However, unlike the usual plastic bag for fruits that has no handles, this one did!! So when I skipped off to find my sister, one of the apples slipped out of the handle and fell onto the floor. *smacks head*!!
I didn't want to get scolded from my sister so I kept hush. When we got back, I hurried off to find and eat off the apple before she found a massive bruise on it. And I did and everything was fine until later that night when my sister went to sort out the groceries when it turned out that I had eaten one of her flatmate's apple instead!! *smacks head... Again!!*
Apparently, he/she had bought 2 apples wrapped up in one of those silly plastic bags as well and I had mistaken it for mine. But my sister didn't find out that I dropped my apple, heehee.

3rd and final silly thing my sister isn't in the know about: The Tate Britian, in London, is having a special exhibition of the works by Turner, Whistler and Monet. I wanted to see it so my sister purchased an entrance ticket for me. The ticket came along with a small booklet listing the works of all the artists and I was told to keep both of them safe til I could enter the exhibition later. My sister left first and all was well... I had queued up in the line and had both the ticket and booklet in hand. Then, I felt too hot and decided to take off my coat. So I placed my ticket inside the pages of the booklet and proceed to take off my coat. I think it was then that my ticket fell out cuz when I was almost near the entrance where they check and tear your ticket, I realised I had lost it. *smacks head... smacks head... smacks head*
Thank goodness the guard believed me and let me in without any fuss. My sister would have gone mental if my stupidity cost me to miss the exhibition and her money.

But all's good now that I'm back in Glasgow. Hopefully I've left all this silliness far behind... if not, I'm going to eat more fish, ginkgo and whatever brain boosters that is out there!

(Tania Tan: I didn't tell u all this on the phone cuz I know, you will simply laugh at me!!! >P )

Anyway, I'm off to build of a model of a chinese fan for tomorrow now! Take care and don't laugh at me. >P