Karin's gift came in the mail in the weekend!
The little lip glosses are so pretty!!
Thanks so much Karen!! *hugs*! =)


My architectural essay is done and printed... hooray!!
And it's been a great start to the week!

I went down to Edinburgh yesterday with Shawn F, Ling, Cathy and Vong to attend the English Ministry there and also to support Gordon who was preaching
I must admit, I was pretty hesistant about going in the first place cuz I didn't know anyone else there besides Shawn and was excepting a crowd as large as the Glasgow one
But it turned out that Edin's EM was much smaller in comparision and the people there were as nice as the ones in Glasgow!
I met so many more of the BBC (Brit born Chinese) kiddos and there's two kids in art school!!
There's a guy who's in interior architecture and another girl who is in first yr architecture as well.

It was brilliant to meet non-medics!! Haha, >P
That guy, William and I have formed a tag team! We even made up our own greeting punch cuz we, arty people are just oh-so-cool! Lol! But something about him makes me feel that we'll be really good friends... it could be perhaps due to his resemablance to kentan actually, haha
And there was also, Simon... this guy who remember me even though the only time we meet previously was like months ago in a club... he's got blond hair as a result of leaving hair dye on for too long, hahaha but it's all going to be shaved off for charity soon, thank goodness!
And there was Colin... who was sooo much fun to hang around with! He's got a wicked sense of humor and dances like a chipmuck... totally cracked me up during dinner!
Can't forget Michelle too... who is supposely Shawn the flirt's '14 yr old girlfriend'! She's so cheery and full of laughter... it kinda reminds me of Denisey pie! *hugs*!
And there's was another one of Shawn's loves, Peter, a Singaporean PR who lives ridiciously far away from Edinburgh but still attends EM very week... impressive.

All in all, I had a brilliant time!
So much so that I lost my voice this morning and had to down tons of liquid in order to speak again but it was all worth it.
Praise the Lord for wonderful blessings called friends!!
Love lots!
Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.
Psalms 51