Hello to Mel and Oswald!
Thanks for dropping by my blog and for your tags as well! =)

There's not been much ''written'' lately because I'm mostly studying (can you believe it?!)
As we have exams the first day back to uni... pretty harsh way to restarting the term eh?
But I am working on the Amsterdam photos... so there should be more to see soonish!

And yeah, I have changed my mind about staying in glasgow over the summer holidays
It's mainly due to logging back online to msn after the 40 days of Lent
And just being touched by how many people actually noticed that I had disappeared offline for a while and just chatting to them made me realised how much I missed them and vice versa...

Ricky@Soho.com: Chelsea Vs AC Milan:Final in Istanbul,Turkey on May 25th says:
miss u so much lor

in limbo says:
in limbo says:
did i just tell you that i missed you?
in limbo says:
can i tell you again that i missed you
in limbo says:
and again that i missed you
in limbo says:
and again!!! that I MISSED YOU

ceadsearc says:
sigh i miss u. haha. toots

A journey into the unknown... says:
come back soon! I miss u! haha

Plus, most of my mates studying in aussie and the states are coming back for the summer holiday so the thought of staying here while they rub in my face the fact that they're enjoying the local hawker food ( YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ), travelling to town by the brilliant MRT ( ohhh, i love MRTs! ) and simply enjoying sunshine is too much to bear.

Besides, if I go back home, I get to celebrate my brother's birthday with him. And my mummy would cook me beef kua tiao and anything my stomach fancies at anytime of the day.
So I must go home.
No where compares to it.

11 more weeks to sweet, sweet singapore.... ohhhhhhh yeah!