I was wondering why the original spot of where my cup of tea sits was so far away
So it was moved and placed beside my mouse…
For 5 seconds… Til I knocked it over,
Splashing tea everywhere.

From now on, the cup remains where it was.


It’s rubbish to be caught in the crossfire when two friends quarrel.
You want to be there for both of them still as friends and not appear to be taking sides
For they each mean something to you in their little ways

Yet, sitting on the fence is a precarious act of balance.
The wind blows in tales from the opposing sides from time to time
Part of you wants to go with the flow, yet another part holds you back cuz you know that it’s not the entire story
And just to glaze into one of the either fields might accidentally offend someone.

Sitting and staring at the structural framework of a fence is boring.
I do hope that the principals of thermal bouncy take place soon (yes, too much architectural science revision messes up your brain) and blow whatever hot air between Jessica and Yukako away…


Argh… I’ve somehow gotten toothpaste on myself now!
I did a load of washing this morning but now it looks like I have to do the same morning to clean out a tea soaked towel and a toothpaste stained top.


Cher: Good luck with your exams dear! *hugs*