Photos from the Botentic Gardens!
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It's been such a brilliant weekend
Having been freed from the burden of exams

Celebrations started from Thurday night to a trip down to the Vic
With good music, better company (my Irish eye candy was there! yay! >P) and cheap beer!

Then, finally catching up with Naruto on friday night!
9 episodes straight up! Talk about intense!
(Thanks Epon for sending me back home that night! =] )

Watching the Scottish Ballet perform the spring season special on saturday night was next!
That was brilliant because it was a variety four different ballets by various choreographers! So they're were all distinctive and special in their own ways...

And watching it just reminds me of how the stage itself is like a blank canvas...
where the dancers utilise the space in so, so many amazing ways...

Drawing infinite axis-lines in both the horizontal and vertical directions...
Shearing the spaces... but at the same time, unitying the compostion as a whole

How the simplicity of contrast can be used
With the females in black/white and the males in white/black
And just glazing at the two colours twist and twin insides and out
Their slow, sendative effect... winning over your senses

The use of light, colour and music
How the interplay of these 3 and the dancers can evoke and change moods of all types

Orange-cast soft light... blurring the angular forms of the dancers
So the eyes sees only the shadow detail on the muscular forms...

The red and purple glowing landscape of the stage
Followed by the rise and setting of the sunlight background...

And the music who was at times, in rigid control of the dancers
But was also a friend who understood their steps and floated along, working the beat to suit with the individual switch of bodily movement...

Altogether, making ballet such a beautiful art form.

(Thanks for coming along Michelle, Mel and her friends! =] And thanks to Khammy too for walking me home! )



Elvin Liow!!!!! You're alive!!! So good to hear from you after ALL this while, *grin*! Miss, miss, miss you!