The hands of the clock twist and twirl...
In the midst of the sprialling circles, she spins

Like a vortex, the upward surge blows against her hair, her dress
Lifting her head, the breathe is forced out

She stops her dance

The white threads however still continue to spin...

Forming a semi-translucent white cloud
Surrounding and obscuring her vision

Found out this morning that the 1st yr results come out next Wednesday at 5 pm.
Realised then too that I'm more afraid that I thought I would be

Perhaps half of it is brought on by the fact that my flatmate, Lois didn't pass her 2nd year
And she's chosen not to do another art course or to stay on in Glasgow
But to pursue a teaching role and degree back home in England

Even though we aren't that close (somehow I always feel a little tense around her for some odd reason) but it's just that over the year, I've become so accustomed to her ways and presence
That I can't imagine next year without her in the picture, without watching her across the room in CU meetings and simply not having her around.

I dread that I'm going to miss her.
I dread receiving my results.