I can't wait to see everyone again... being on the plane down from Glasgow to London made me realise that I am going to be home so, so soon!
And there's some faces that I really wanna see and just to be around with them and be able to squeeze them and hug them tightly... makes me really pleased!

But I will certainly miss hanging out at ''Hotel Khamlifornia'' with the usual gang
Thanks all those who came out yesterday for lunch, for the chill out at George Square session and the brilliant dessert fest to end the day... I had such a good time! It's been ages since I've tired myself out so much simply by laughing, >P
And kudos to Khammy and Epon for being so kind and accompanying me to the airport at such a ridiculous time in the morning... truely blessed to have you guys as my friends!
To people like Mel and Nora, sorry that I couldn't meet up with you before I left but do hope you have a great summer and hope that the youth camp runs smoothly according to His plan!