Welcomed in with fireworks and booze...

What a brilliant image... I love how colours and shades can convery so much more than I can ever describe in words

The new year was celebrated in on the streets of Edinburgh...
where against the black and orange tungsten glow of the castle was set against the rapid flares of exploding fireworks...

Brief kisses and hugs exchanged after the display
And then, walking back to Martin's place with sounds of the street party all around
Champagne and drinking games... utter highness.

Woke up the next morning and found it to be a Sunday...had totally lost track of days after Christmas, haha
Given a ride to church by Colin... thanks ya! :)

Liken the sermon... especially the part about how we should reflect on our lives daily instead on it being a yearly routinue
Found that particularly apt since new year doesn't quite feel the same celebrating it back in Singapore than compared to over in the UK,,,
One of the reasons could be the fact that the UK half shuts down on New Year's Day... the supermarkets are closed and neither are the bus companies! So strange.
But most of all, the school calender actually makes a huge significance... to me that is. I know it's a new year but the closure won't happen not until I get second year architecture over and done with.
So it's strange... blog-surfing and reading people's new year resolutions
And think, I'll do that during Summer.