Half nine came,
and the frantic architecture students handed in their portfolio.

[ randon sound of happiness ]!!!!

A huge relief that it's over
especially when the last 5 mintues was spent,
praying very hard that the binding machine would heal itself and work...
it was punching 19 outta 20 holes needed to insert the wire in,
and even the techanical didn't know what to do!
So utterly frustating and stressful!

Thank God at the last minute, it worked

And now, it's two weeks before we get our grades
Which I'm quite worried about now cuz it hit me last night that i'm not very good at designing houses
Last year, my art gallery design was better than my housing scheme
and this year, my theatre design is way better than my housing scheme

Haha, not the best thing to realise the night before the hand-in eh?

But I guess I'll use the grade to help decide if I really want to do third year or not.

Anyway, enough architectural talk.
Time to eat, sleep and parrrty!