Thanks for your comments guys, *hugs*
It's made me smile in this long worn-out week.
Actually, it been a hell of a long term and it's only close to ending soon!
Argh. I did expect third year to be busy but having to balance designing for a reptile house with having do research readings while following a timetable, so blatently cut and paste from last year thus having fallen to pieces within this current year just leaves one...
so utterly confused and frustrated. Grrrr!

Which makes me pine for home, for family and friends
And for being back in a warm climate instead of trying to recreate one by blasting up the radiator

But unfortunately, I won't be home at the end of the year
(It's a long story but one of the main reasons is bcuz my cousin lost her passport)
Which frustrates me more... cuz I really wanna see Nic and Char! =(
Also I want to be able to eat tao sa bao at 10pm at night, haha

So I take all my frustrations out on shopping, online shopping!
How else better to wipe out the unpleasant memory of that lousy tutorial but with a pair of new shoes or pondering about purchasing another bag right? haha

A lucky surprise was that walking about in that new purchased pair of ballet flats did make me cherry enough to start CADing
So I now, do have a design for my reptile house, yay!
Hopefully it won't be ripped to pieces on the tutorial on monday or else that gray bag I've hesistating about purchasing would be arriving to my doorstep soon. haha.