What happens when you second-guess the choices that you made?
Where does that leave you?

Some nights, when reality catches up with me…
reminding me of the never-ending list of work to do and yet to do…
I let my emotions ride out on a wave…
Surging up, crashing down… until one of us wears out

And I dream of sleep, the peaceful darkness
Blotting everything out of sight… out of sight, out of mind

And I dream of home, the escapism that is summer
Faces of friends, the warm tropical light
A hunger for solance for the soul that the comforts of home give

To break away from it all
The built up tensions…
‘Oh! You’re third year now,
you should know what to do
you should be more organized
you should not need us to tell you’

I should. I should. I should.
But I don’t

Tear away
Before it tears me away

The built up importance…
‘It’s the most important year before you go out and work’
But in another point of view,
life is more than academic achievements
Eventually, it’ll fade and fall into that category of past important exams

And probably in a few years time,
I’ll be yet another one of those voices chiming…
‘In retrospec, it wasn’t that bad…’

But if you don’t give it your all,
achieve a good grade,
get employed by a desirable company
The mould of mediocry awaits
Joining the shadows in the pub, complain in their drunken gripe
If I hate my job, I might as well get paid well to hate it, hurhurhur…’

It’s all just eerily reminds me of that outtake scene
The actress gets hoisted up into the air
The wires bear her and give her a new, airborne freedom
She glides, obeying its movement
And she swings closer, faster than smack!
against the wall