I've been told that my last photograph (the beach one) was depressive,
was it really?

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates.
Last week was the last week of uni before the easter break
and it was busy, busy, busy with 3 submissions due!
But that's all in the past now and it's the Easter break, *jumps for joy*!

I've still got a heck of a lot to do...
like applying for my year out... how very exciting! I can't imagine myself working and living in London though, haha!
and studying for my exams... -bleah-!

But do drop me a drop if you're reading this,
cuz I know I've been so caught up in uni work lately
that I've not caught up with many of you guys properly
but I do keep u guys in mind (i do!!)
so let me know how you guys are doing!