The jazz is finally back on the driveway… and I’m back too!
(Haha, no, bad joke, I am not that intrinsically linked to a car)
But since my exams are over, yay yay yay!
I thought I’ll scribble a bit on cyberspace before the next submission approaches

I read on another site lately but u know those, in and out columns you see in fashion mags, apparently personal blogs are now on the ‘out’
And it’s ridiculous cuz it was based on closure of Lindsay Lohan’s blog, like who knew or cared that she had a blog and in what way does she represent the rest of society?!

Yes, I do realise that my blog has been pretty neglected as of late
but that’s mostly to do with my ‘pregnant’ timetable ( as quoted from the head tutor) and also cause I envisage my blog to have less word and more photos really but sadly, it’s been so hard to squeeze out free time that traveling hasn’t been possible
I’m so jealous of other people’s travel photos, argh!
But hopefully it’ll all be worth it at the end of the year, when I have a job, hopefully in London!

It makes me so excited even to type it, haha but after the end of third year, architecture students have to do a placement year out in an office and I’m hoping to do mine in London!
I’m still in the midst of applying for offices but it’s always been a dream to work and live in London and to think that I’m steps away to living the dream is utterly crazily exciting!

Only catch is that I don’t think Hai’s coming to come down to London with me
cuz he’s got a silly mortgage that ties to down to Glasgow unless he rents the flat out, =(

I will miss his silly sayings…
last week, after dinner, we burped at the same time and he said,
“Synchronized burping!
This must be true love”