Sometimes I can't believe how incompetent administration in this country is!
I had to go down to the Council Office today to clear up some undue fees that they're been sending me since last year!
Only to realise that the mistake was cuz of the both administrations, my unis and the city council!
And even the letter that uni administration gave me to help clear up the misunderstanding was printed wrong: It stated that I will graduate in June 2006... what?!?!

At least it's all sorted out now. =)

Oh, and one of the beautiful sunny days experienced last week
I was looking down at the streaming waters of the river kelvin
when I saw a rusting supermarket trolley but had been dumped into the waters

It sadden me
but made me wish that Ptolemy Elrington would come rescue it
and turn it into a wonderful piece of recycled art!

The artist and his trolley re-creation: a giant heron

His favourite: the clayfish

The one I reconds deserves the cut (or fish, haha): the Kingfisher!