Sorry for the lack of updates from London!
Reasons being that I don't have internet yet except when I'm at work
And I feel a tad guilty using it unless it's during lunch or after work
But even then, facebooking takes up the most of that, haha!

So far, it's been 5 days since my train's pulled into sunny (unbelieveable, eh?!) London Euson
And I've hence begin my year (or two) as a London girl! Yay!

It's all so new and exciting at the moment… my first proper job in the big smoke
Life's much more dynamic and fast paced, and there's soo much more people too!
The roads are always busy, the tube's always filled and people walking about, heading anywhere, everywhere!
There's also all these little shops lining the streets that catch my eye as I pass,
Making me wish that I have all day, everyday just to explore London!
I'm really thankful that I've got a job though, =)

The firm that I'm currently employed with are medical architecture specialists
And I'm working under an italian architect for a mental health unit!
Work's not terribly exciting at the moment unfortunately,
I'm pretty much doing most of the jobs that the architect doesn't wish to do
But it's only my first week and hopefully it'll get better in time!

And just to clear up some confusion...
Wenyi, I've not properly graduated yet, so don’t worry!
This working year is an internship year out which is part of my course
And after the year-out, I still have 2 more years at uni!
Architecture is a long, long course! >P
But you're always welcomed to come and stay!