London #01: Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2007

It’s crazy how fast the weeks fly in when you’re at work!

My first month has gone by just like that,
And in 2 days time, Hai is going to be down for his monthly visit!

So I’m really looking forward to this weekend, =)
Though the last few weekends have been great fun too...
With Sue moo coming down one week,
the next, going to the pavilion in the park with new friends that I made...
as well as catching the theatrical version of Lion King with Sarah n Os,
and the classic Les Miserables with Nic!

I love that about London,
there’s always someone coming to visit and there’s always something to do!

Anyway, photos of the pavillion in the park...
The first glimpse! It was designed to be a temporary space for talks for a recent art fair

The building seems to twist as it takes you up its gentle curves...

All the way to the top til you see the light... I love this photo!
To me, it encapsulates the sensuous quality of light
that the architect had in mind when designing the pavillion

And as you head down, the building unravels into many gentle strings

But if you twist your head back up, they do too! What a fun concept!