Jing, Karin & Piotr's Polish Dinner Party!

what we got up to on a saturday night...

Piotr, my polish flatmate and chef for the night!
He's really tall as u can see and basically the only one in the flat who can reach
that shelf without having to climb onto a chair or onto the kitchen counter
*rolls eyes*! I'm not jealous, really!

Karin's coursemates from last year... making a wonderful thai salmon salad starter!

Various cheese, thai salmon salad and Zurek, traditional polish sour soup with sausage and boiled egg! Main courses in Polish cuisine consist of 2 dishes instead of one and one of them is always a soup!

Before we tucked into the 2nd main course, Polish meatballs in sour cream (Klopsk w smietanie)!

Shiny, happy people with too much food...volka n wine! haha, >P