Our home internet is being installed on the 5th
So will update more with photos then, i promise!

For now, I'm at work and it's been a slow start
as the architects away for a meeting and won't be back til after lunch

I'm currently staying with Karin (ex-IJ girl) and her polish friend, Piotr
As my sister is currently living outside London,
and it takes like an hour to communate in
which means I have to wake up at unearthly hours to get to work on time
plus she is married and i really don't want to be big light bulb

We've moved into our flat near Canada Water for a week now
and I'm quite settled... most of my things are still in Glasgow
but I've got enough of the basics to live comfortably anyway so don't worry!

But the house itself is quite old and that's been giving us some problems
The first one was a gas leak,
cuz the main inlet pipe was so old that it basically disintergrated and was leaking
We had to go without a boiler for a day but overall, it was resolved quite quickly
with the gas guys coming out and replacing that part of the pipe
But what I'm curious about is that the flat below us didn't report the problem
When most of the gas was leaking into their space (they live below us, right outside the leak)
Hai thinks that it's prob happened over time so they got used to the gas smell
But I'm glad they're safe now cuz they have a little girl!

And just this afternoon, I got my call from Piotr
Saying that we won't be able to access our flat
bcuz they evicted the flat above us so they changed the main lock into the house
And the weirdest thing about the flat above us is...
we've never seen or heard anyone since we're moved in!
But when the gas guys came to turn on the supplies for each of our flats
Karin was made to accompany the gas guy upstairs as he didn't want to be accused of stealing
When he was outside their front door, he knocked on it
and it swung open! (our flat always assumed that it was locked)
And when they went inside, it was empty as there was no one in sight
but it was obviously inhabited
for there were shoes and clothes and towels still in the toilet!
But who the hell moves away or goes on holiday
without packing anything and not locking up your flat?!?!
How perplexing.
I do hope someone moves into the flat above soon though
it'll definately help stop my imagination from running wild!

how are you guys anyway?
elf, cher, tania... leave a note!