Familiarity is such a odd thing.

There's an alienness about returning somewhere ''familiar''
When the image in front of you looks like your mind's picture
But there's a difference, you can sense it

Having your feet trace over the many footsteps of the past
the cool, cold woodplanks touch against your bare skin
the feeling triggers no memories.
instead, like a newborn, you feel with a sense of wonder

Like re-printing an old etching plate,
Knowing well the lines you scratched to form the picture
Yet finding fine lines, craved in the metal that you don't recall


But for all that,
to spend Christmas and New Year with loved ones is a blessing indeed.
Being spoilt rotten by Hai for a whole week was great,
considering we only see each other once or twice a month nowadays.

And for the first time in my life (& in the last 30 years),
the restaurant was closed for Christmas and Boxing Day
and the family celebrated Christmas together instead
Finally, my family is starting to learn that money isn't everything,
Thank God!

Now all I need is to get back to Singapore.