This morning, I has arrived at work greeted by 2 packages lying under my table...

One from my aunt and another from Amazon.
I was expecting both of them to arrive soon
but what I didn't expect was...
the bizarre packing they came in.

Firstly, the package from my aunt came in a white box
It was pretty bashed from the journey and I was pretty worried
as it was my cookie package from australia coming via ireland (don't ask)
While trying to open the box, I realised it wasn't typical packagin cardboard
(explaining why it was so battered)
And on closer inspection, I saw the words, 'Kellogg's' peering from underneath the white layer...

(still not sure if I'm impressed or well, shocked to say the least!)

Upon opening my ceral box package, I started to inspect my loot
And the first box of Arnott's Pizza shapes that I pulled out...
had a plastic bag of cookies attached to it with stickers!!!

My first thought was that the pizza shapes had spilt out of the box
But reading the stickers, it turns out that my aunt had baked cookies
And decided to send some of them along with the aussie cookies.

It was really sweet of her...
even though I was pretty tickled my find.

Next, I tried opening the Amazon package...
which was a pain to rip open and when I finally got to peek inside,
it was half empty!!!

All there was lying in the big, big box was...
2 sheets of flat plastic, 2 sheet of a4 paper (folded up too)
and a extension wire cord (that I ordered).

Why did all that need a box?!?!
Not cool Amazon, not cool.